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A Riveting Experience!

Proves the Intimate Power of Zoom...

After 10 years, three self-absorbed people are forced to reckon with the unresolved trauma of a high school love triangle.  

An in-your-face struggle of beliefs and truth, of being heard. A woman and two men confront accusations and denials of rape ten years later. You are a silent, invisible witness locked with them eye-to-eye. Intensely intimate, groundbreaking entertainment.

After 10 years, three self-absorbed people are forced to reckon with the unresolved trauma of a high school love triangle.  It’s about friendship and sexual betrayal, rivalry, and retribution.  It raises questions about how we face the truth when others’ truths differ from ours.  You will meet  Vince, a coke-addicted wild-card, who stirs the pot to shake out the truth and get retribution;  Amy, an empowered, self-possessed prosecutor, who is setting the record straight, and Jon, a self-absorbed aspiring filmmaker who is forced to face his past.

The post-show "Talkback" is a vital part of this new medium. Please stick around!

TAPE raises profound issues about consent, manipulation, power, loyalty, and truth.  This new medium brings the audience into the moral and ethical debate in powerful new ways.  Our audiences have been eager to discuss the play, the medium, and their reactions to the issues raised.  After the show, the actors and creative team come back on screen to talk with you explore your experiences with you.  You can talk live or chat through Q&A.  

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Writer - Stephen Belber

We are tremendously grateful to Mr. Belber for allowing TheSharedScreen to adapt his classic theatrical work to this new, live web-based medium.  Stephen's plays have been produced on Broadway and in over 25 countries. They include Match, Tape, Don't Go Gentle, Dusk Rings a Bell, McReele, Finally, Geometry of Fire, Fault Lines, Carol Mulroney, A Small, Melodramatic Story, One Million Butterflies, The Power of Duff and The Muscles In Our Toes. 

Stephen Belber - Playwright
John Dapolito - Director

Director - John Dapolito

"JDap" is a New York-based acting teacher, playwright, and director fiercely dedicated to progressive thinking.   In 2003 he founded the acting program Actors! Where Are You Going? where he has developed the “Acting-Niche” Phenomenon and the “Actable-Phrase” technique. His plays include: “Ethan & Nico Go to Therapy” (Recently penned), “Augie’s Ring”, and “An Act of Kindness” (both Los Angeles Times Critics Pick), “Killer Midgets”, and “Baptism by Fire”. 

Chelsea J. Smith as Amy

Chelsea is a bi-coastal actor/filmmaker. Through her characters, she seeks to explore obsession, fixation, and extreme ambition in the human condition. She combines her passion for art and philanthropy and collaborates with diverse communities and like-minded people. Chelsea co-founded and serves as Creative Director of Little Spoon, Big Spoon Productions, LLC.

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Travis Schweiger as Vince

A New York-born actor based in NYC with a background in Mixed Martial Arts. He is known for playing "complex characters in high stakes Catch 22’s; masterminds, master manipulators, and two-faced tricksters". Since graduating from the Maggie Flanigan Studio and training in John Dapolito’s Masterclass he’s secured roles in film and theater. His most recent credit was in Stephen Adly Guirgis's The Last Days of Judas Iscariot directed by Adrienne Williams.

Neal Davidson as Jon

An actor, writer, content creator, producer, and coach, who passionately plays and writes characters faced with high-stakes moral decisions and sacrifice.  To foster the creation and production of new works, he founded TheSharedScreen to produce live web theater and online presentations.  He believes that the world needs accessible live performance now more than ever, and is determined to deliver the highest quality works to the broadest possible audience. 

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