"The door to a virtual future has been opened, and it can never be shut again...

Most speakers assume that they can just take their normal presentations and do them virtually, without any adjustments. Wrong.*"

May 27, 2020 Micha Solomon

*Richard Schelp, President and Co-Owner

Executive Speakers Bureau

To Zoom or Not To Zoom?

Check out this interview...you'll get the idea.

You simply can't get away with "streaming"a presentation that use to work

when you were in the same room as your audience.

Remote presenting is an entirely different experience for you and your audience.

It demands that you master a new medium. 


In a medium where a "clap" is an emoji and every audience member (aka attendee) is free to text, Google, chat on the phone, check email, go get a snack, or sleep (you get it...), we fold in the technologies and structures that keep you the center of attention and your audience engaged. 


Your virtual audience is accustomed to a constant stream of attention-getters, teasers and 5-second sound bites.  What are we to do? 

We incorporate our experience content editing,  visual and instructional design to integrate your words with dynamic imagery that rivet your audience to your message. 


You know how to present to a live audience you can see and hear.  How do you present to an invisible, silent audience sitting on the other side of a tiny camera?  We draw on our experience as actors to teach you the secrets of "playing to the lens" as well as the fundamentals of proper lighting, settings, sound and style.


"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."  It actually doesn't take a wizard to set up a Zoom meeting, but it takes a tremendous amount of planning and technical skill to run a successful webinar or online lecture.  We provide training and/or real-time presentation production services to host and broadcast your presentation and to filter and mediate audience participation. If you're really proud of yourself, we can produce polished and edited recordings of your successes.

For more information about presentation coaching, please email us at: Coaching@TheSharedScreen.com

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