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Want to Nail it on Zoom?

Master the Actors' Secrets for Capturing an Audience on Screen

Executive Virtual Media Coaching

Communicating through a screen has until now been the domain of actors and highly trained “talking heads.” Without a sophisticated understanding of how to deliver succinct, credible, and compelling information with energy, personality and an engaging presence on screen, even the most experienced and presentation-savvy professionals can easily fall short of connecting with an audience and making an impact.

Through workshops and one-one-one coaching, we provide the simple but nonobvious actor’s secrets of gesture, voice and delivery, connecting with the audience, and working the camera, as well as a producer’s knowledge of set design, background, wardrobe, lighting, and sound that establish professionalism, personality, and credibility. Be it in one-on-one or small team meetings, or global, high-stakes presentations, we are here to make sure you are seen as professional, and can effortlessly project life and excitement through that tiny lens, and drive your message home.  

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