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Mastering the intersection of virtual technology and the art of human communication

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TheSharedScreen Co. is a 501c3 non-profit organization of artists, performers, writers, producers and directors pioneering a new virtual medium.  


When New York shut down, a small acting master class determined to keep making art in isolation discovered that performing scenes recontextualized as simple Zoom calls between the characters created a surprising and incredibly intimate experience.  As artists and innovators, we are exploring the possibilities of this new medium in multiple ways:

  • We are producing extraordinary, readily accessible drama.

  • We are sharing what we learn with other artists and producers.

  • We are coaching actors, presenters, executives, and people from all walks of life in the skills to master virtual communication. 

  • We are developing the presenting techniques to master the "hybrid" conference that includes both real-world and virtual audiences with presenters and speakers on-stage and on-screen.

  • We are producing virtual, interactive secondary school student/parent gatherings to foster meaningful discussions of critical issues for young adults.   


Along the way, we are sharing our innovations with others on the journey.  We recently published a comprehensive description of the phenomenon of "Dramatic Betweenness," which includes a comprehensive guide for anyone wishing to write, act, direct, or produce works in this medium.  We welcome like-minded artists and anyone exploring the dynamics of human communication on shared screens to reach out to us for more information about our activities. 


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Neal Davidson - CEO/Artistic Director

Neal is an actor, producer, writer, and coach who is passionate about fostering the creation of impactful, highly accessible work that changes the way we see one another. He was a national champion in speech and graduated summa cum laude from the theater program at Northwestern University in Chicago.  A working actor in NYC, Neal has trained with Larry Moss (intensives and coaching), Bob Krakower (film and TV), and John Dapolito (master scene study).

In February 2020, en route from playing Spike in Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike in Savannah, Georgia back to his apartment/studio in NYC, Neal was sidetracked along with thousands of other artists as the country shut down. Operating from the suburbs of Washington DC, and working virtually in his master class, Neal became convinced of the power of the unexpected phenomenon in Zoom he calls "Dramatic Betweenness." To make full productions in this new medium possible, he founded TheSharedScreen Co. and adapted, produced, and acted in this New York Times-acclaimed virtual adaptation of TAPE.  


Applying what we have discovered about mastering virtual media, Neal provides media training to executives, professionals, presenters, and educators on how to deliver exciting and engaging content online.

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