Out of isolation, a new and powerful form

of live performing art has emerged --

one in which the audience is virtually

eye-to-eye with the players,

sharing in every moment.  

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 It was so obvious that this was a new medium...

you'll be changing people's perspective on how to do theater.

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TheSharedScreen is a non-profit organization of artists, performers, producers, directors and coaches pioneering a new artistic medium.


  We have found that the digital screen, be it a smart phone or huge smart TV, offers an incredibly intimate involvement with the actors we are watching, and draws us in.  We are all eye-to-eye and only feet apart; yet each in her or his own private place.  


From early cinema to the silver screen and the miracles of TV, we've found our way into a digital age that threatens to distance us from one another but may lead us to discover greater artistic and theatrical intimacy than we could have imagined. 

Join us in the adventure.

On it together.


As artists and innovators we will explore the possibilities of this new medium by producing and hosting extraordinary and readily accessible professional theater.  


We intend to help establish the conventions and standards for acting, directing, writing, designing, producing and innovating in “Web” theater. 


Along the way we will share our innovations and artistic discoveries to coach educators, presenters, and leaders in the commercial realm.

We welcome like-minded artists and all those who love live theater to reach out to us for more information about  our activities. 

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Remote interactive video communication is the new standard in corporate communication, education,  keynote speaking, medicine and science. And it is here to stay. 


Skillful on-camera presentation skills tightly integrated with engaging visual material is now a prerequisite for success in every field.  The choice is simple: take the lead or be left behind.


We offer web presentation development and coaching coaching for executives, keynote speakers and business leaders at all levels, scientists, educators, physicians and all telehealth professionals who seek to master this medium.

 If you are interested in our services, please email us here: 


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