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Mastering the intersection of virtual technology and the art of human communication


TheSharedScreen is dedicated to exploring the potentials of online drama by adapting existing works and producing new works in this medium. We will collaborate with other writers, producers, directors, and actors in breaking new artistic ground.

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In 2021, The New York Times named our live Zoom adaptation of the hit play, TAPE, by Stephen Belber, as its pick for "Theater to Stream."

TAPE delivered an extraordinary dramatic experience to a live global audience and discovered a new phenomenon only possible in this medium -- "Dramatic Betweenness."

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Executive Virtual Media Coaching

Over only a few generations, people have become increasingly comfortable experiencing the world as presented to them on screens.  Now, in an instant, we are all on screens. 

Yet not many of us have any idea of how to use the screen to communicate effectively. Even professional actors and presenters are struggling to adapt from stage, film, and TV to the "Zoom Box."

TheSharedScreen coaches executives, professionals, and business leaders across all industries in the skills and techniques that they need to master the virtual environment be it in an audition, a one-on-one meeting, or presenting to live audiences while being streamed to a global virtual audience of thousands.


Social Engagement
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Our “i2i Project” extends what we have learned into the worlds of education and social media to help address the challenges facing society today, and build greater understanding, empathy, and compassion among all people. 


The issues we explore will span all socio-demographic groups with special emphasis on marginalized populations, women’s issues, and teen mental health. 

Telemedicine COVID-19

During these difficult times, telemedicine has become the safe standard for healthcare providers to connect with their patients. We are sharing what we know about making the most of virtual meetings to help you have a stress-free and effective telemedicine appointment.  


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